Getting Down to the Basics

I have only recently started updating this site with weekly relevant posts on website design and construction, and things you can do with your website. Seems a little hypocritical right? If my clients only checked this site more often they would probably say something like “You suggest that we update our website every week but [...]

Design is Important?

Yes, yes it is. Here’s the thing about great design in a webpage. The less you notice it, the better it is designed. Instead of distracting folks with flashy and unnecessary crap all over the place, how about let your website communicate who you are and what you’re all about.

Kopy Matters!

You know what people are tired of? Boring content that says “Are you looking to outcompete in today’s market? Well blah-d-blah freakin blah…” YAWN. If you really want to reach people, the content on your site is important. Content needs to be written so folks can read it, understand it, and be entertained and even surprised by it!